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What Is the Best Truck Today?

What is the best truck today? This is a tough question considering all of the options that we have today. The best truck depends upon what your requirements are. However, it is a fact that most people look for the best-priced truck that has a lot of power, great numbers, and the most tech. There are plenty of trucks that excel in these categories in the various pickup truck classes today.

The following piece tries to determine what is truly the best pickup today:

What Is the Best Truck Today?
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What Is the Best Compact Truck Today?

We begin with a category that has recently received a resurgence. The compact truck category was one of the most sought ones back in the day. It has recently been revived with trucks like the Hyundai Santa Cruz gaining prominence. The compact truck category is for those who like a small maneuverable truck with great fuel economy. So, which is the best small truck in the market today?

Well, while the Santa Cruz is great, the Ford Maverick is the best small pickup truck available today. This is a brand-new offering by America’s largest automaker. The Maverick offers it all from an efficient engine and great driving dynamics, to a small price tag and great ergonomics. This is a vehicle that has truly been designed to get young consumers into buying pickup trucks. It looks like it has worked.

What Is the Best Midsized Truck Today?

Next up we have the midsize truck category, which gets a lot more competitive. These trucks are larger in size and they’re more powerful as well. They’re ideal for worksites in most of the world’s regions. Candidates for the best midsize truck include big names such as the Honda Ridgeline, the GMC Canyon, the Jeep Gladiator, and the Ford Ranger. That being said, which is the best mid-size pickup?

The answer is obviously the Chevrolet Colorado. Even if you use it as a work truck, it is still very comfortable to drive. Testers have praised the Colorado for its great handling despite being a heavy pickup truck. It is also a great offroader, especially if you get its ZR2 variant. But perhaps the best part of the Chevy Colorado is its very low starting price. You can pick up a base model Colorado for around $26k.

What Is the Best Full-Size Truck Today?

Now we get to everyone’s favorite category, the half-ton or the full-size pickup truck category. This is a category that offers the best of everything. You can get a large truck with huge towing and payload capacities, lots of room for storage, and a lot of power. Some of the main contenders are the Chevy Silverado, the GMC Sierra, and the Toyota Tundra. That being said, which is the best full-size pickup?

Well, the new F150 and Tundra models are excellent. They are quite efficient but powerful as well. The new F150 has the highest towing capacity and its new EV version; the Ford Lightning has created a lot of hype. But the undisputed king of the category and the best-rated full-size truck is the Ram 1500. This is a truck that is the most luxurious, technologically advanced, and powerful in the half-ton class.

What Is the Best Heavy-Duty Truck Today?

Even the large full-sized trucks aren’t enough for many people. This is when they turn to the HD truck class. These trucks offer the best-in-class ratings for hauling and payload. Their power levels are unmatched due to their large engines and their tough frames ensure that they’re very rigid as well. The following are the two categories of HD pickup trucks and their best offerings:

Three quarter-ton

We begin with the lower-tier heavy trucks which can tow up to around 18k pounds. These trucks are better known as the 2500 trucks. People who buy these are enthusiasts that tend to haul their boat or trailer a couple of times a year. Otherwise, they’re mostly used for regular driving or on some job sites. Key players here include the Ram 2500, the Chevy Silverado, and GMC Sierra 2500.

The Ford F250 aka the Ford Super Duty barely beats the Ram 2500 here. It offers you a similar towing capacity to the big Ram. The Ford is cheaper and it has a better gearbox than the Ram as well. The only place it lacks is the handling at high speeds and the interior quality. But since these things don’t really matter when discussing the heavy-duty truck, so the Ford takes the lead.

One ton

The best heavy-duty pickup is obviously the dominator of the one-ton pickup class. This category showcases the peak performance and power that a pickup truck can possibly deliver. Also known as 3500 pickups, these machines are some of the toughest beasts on the planet. Hence, they’re for those who need workhorses on their job sites. Big names include the Ford F350, the Chevy Silverado 3500, etc.

This time the winner is the Ram 3500 as it is the ultimate heavy-duty pickup truck. It can haul more than 37,000 pounds when properly equipped. Its interior is better than many luxury sedans and it is also the most fuel-efficient in the game. The Ford Super Duty isn’t far behind and these two trucks compete neck-in-neck. It offers similar numbers for towing and hauling but isn’t as refined as the Ram.

What Is the Best Diesel Truck on The Market Today?

This is a category where truck weights aren’t important. From the mid-sized category to the HD class, all trucks have feature diesel models. This is because diesel trucks continue to be in demand as they can produce more power at low revs. This makes them more efficient, and better at doing the tough jobs that trucks are supposed to do. Diesel trucks will also last longer so they provide more value.

The Ram 1500 kills the competition here as well except for one truck – the Chevy Silverado Duramax. It has a bit more horsepower and it is just as fuel-efficient. As a result, this truck gives you almost all of the same figures as the Ram 1500. However, it does so at a significantly lesser cost than the Ram. This makes it better value for money and gives it the lead here.   

Overall: What Is the Best Pickup Truck on The Market Today?

We’ve covered all sorts of pickup trucks today. All of the winners from their respective categories are excellent as per the reviews from automotive experts and consumers. This is because they provide the most value to their targeted audience. You’d get nothing but the best from each of the class leaders above. But with all of that established, what is the best truck on the market today?

That one accolade would go to the almighty Ram 1500. This truck truly provides you with the best of everything. We all know that it is a great truck to drive around in. It is also powerful, efficient, eye-catching, decently priced, and truly luxurious. The Ram is a rough and tough pickup truck, that gives you a premium feeling every time you sit in it and drive it. That’s why it is the best in the market.

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