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Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Review: Is It Still The Best SUV in The World?

The new Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 displayed to the readers
Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 by Toyota Newsroom

The all-new 2022 Land Cruiser is out and about. Ever since its release, the 2022 Land Cruiser 300 has been in the minds of most petrolheads and journalists alike. The reason? Well, there’s no doubt that the land cruiser has always been the full-sized king of offroading. This is a car that can take you through hell and back while also keeping you comfortable. But what about the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300?

As evident when you look at it, the new Land Cruiser has received a complete redesign. The previous model, aka the Land Cruiser 200 series, had been around for more than a decade. So, while it is refreshing to see a new design, it is important to know if the new Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 deserves the LC badge on it. Hence, the following is a review of all the features of the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Powertrain

We start off with a heartbreaker for most LC enthusiasts. The new Land Cruiser 2022 doesn’t have a V8 engine. Instead, you get to choose between the new 3.4-liter twin-turbo V6 engine and the veteran 4.0-liter V6 engine. The former makes around 400 horsepower while the latter does around 300hp. You also get a 3.3-liter V6 diesel engine that also has two turbos.

While the new options are more powerful and efficient, the old V8s are well-remembered.

So, how many gears does a Land Cruiser 2022 have? Well, you can choose between a 6- or 10-speed automatic gearbox. No matter which transmission you pick, the power is sent to all four wheels as the new Land Cruiser 2022 comes with standard full-time 4×4.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Figures


While acceleration isn’t necessarily the main requirement for a full-sized SUV, the Toyota 2022 Land Cruiser is pretty quick for its size. The new model will give you a 0 to 62 miles per hour time of around 6.8 seconds. It accelerates quickly to its top speed, which is around 130 mph.

Fuel Economy

How fuel-efficient is a Land Cruiser? Well, can give you a fuel consumption average of about 8.9L/100km or 26 miles per gallon, combined. This is about 10 mpg more than the previous model so yes, the new powertrain makes quite the difference. There are two fuel tanks that help you hold around 110 liters of fuel.

Towing Capacity

The basic hauling capacity for the Land Cruiser 2022 is about 3500 kilos or 7700 lbs. This number has been criticized by the consumers as it is pretty much the same as the previous model. In contrast, pickup trucks like the Ford F150 offer you more.


Let’s face it, the Land Cruiser had always been a poster boy for reliability. It is a vehicle that can cross hundreds of thousands of miles and last forever based on how you maintain it. While there are no official reliability figures available, this is a factor for the 2022 Land Cruiser 300 as well.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Interior and Gadgetry


The new Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 has a fabulous interior design. It looks quite handsome and it is very functional as well. You can either have it all black or a sportier red/black color combination. You get a choice of 5 and 7 seats based on the trim you pick. And yes, the build quality and the plushness of the materials used are both astounding.


You obviously get a lot of equipment in the 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series. Even the most basic version will come with a 9-inch infotainment system compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. For the sound, it will be connected to a nine-speaker stereo system. Other than this, you get keyless entry and dual-zone climate control.

The higher trims will bring you wireless phone charging, heated front seats and steering wheel, and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror. The infotainment screen will become larger and the audio system will get better and will have more speakers.


Apart from the aforementioned goodies to make your ride more comfortable, you get basic amenities such as a large cabin with lots of headroom and legroom, plus comfy seats. In addition to this, you’ll also have quietness and a suspension that’ll maintain the ride quality.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Drivability

On Tarmac

One thing noticeable about the new Toyota Land Cruiser is that it is excellent to drive at high speeds. Its handling is much better and everything is more refined and precise. Testers say that it is much easier to drive than the previous models.


The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series is even better offroad than its predecessors. Of course, it features standard full-time center diff-locking. It also comes with other handy features such as Multi-Terrain Select and Monitor systems. These add special modes to the vehicle for various terrains plus an underbody camera. You also get an upgraded Crawl Control system, plus adaptive variable suspension (AVS).

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Safety Features

There’s an influx of safety features that are standard. You get automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, traffic sign recognition, and lane-keeping assist. Upgrade to the higher trims and you’ll also add blind-spot monitoring and rear-cross traffic alerts among other things to the safety features.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Exterior


The Land Cruiser 2022’s new looks are debatable as far as aestheticism is concerned. The front grill is huge and the rear end makes it look like a van. Still, there are many different variations of the exterior components based on the trim you get. The wheel sizes range from 18 to 20 inches. Parts such as the grille, the sidesteps, the wheel arches, and more, differ across the trims between sporty and luxurious levels.


The new Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is available in a multitude of colors. There are three different shades of white – white pearl, precious white pearl, and super white. Other colors are simple and attitude black, bronze, dark blue, dark red, gray, and silver.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022 Price

This section brings a lot of awe to the average car buyer. The Land Cruiser is definitely expensive, starting at around $80,000 for the base model. The 2022 land cruiser price can go all the way up to the $130k range for the upper trims.

You can check out your local dealers to find out the 2022 Toyota land cruiser price in your region.

Toyota Land Cruiser 2022: Verdict

The 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 series is a masterpiece and it’s one of the best SUVs. We all had a lot of expectations from the world’s best offroader and it delivered. Yes, there are some flaws such as the towing capacity. But overall, it excels in every other way. It is luxurious, powerful, efficient, durable, and great to drive on asphalt and the trail.

Toyota has addressed the previous concerns of LC owners and they’ve fixed the lot of them. Now, the price may be high, but it has always been so and you’re sure to get high quality for your buck. This Land Cruiser will last a couple of generations in your family and it is sure to provide great value.

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