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How To Install the Raptor Grille for A Chevrolet Colorado?

The Raptor Grille for a Chevrolet Colorado
Raptor Style Grille for the Chevrolet Colorado | 4PRO Auto Parts

The Chevrolet Colorado is one of the finest midsized pickup trucks today. However, it can always be better with modifications. One of these modifications is the Ford Raptor Style Grille for the Colorado. This badass grille makes your Colorado look extraordinary and it’ll make it perform better.

But what if you already have the Raptor Grille and don’t know how to install it? Fret not, as we’ve given you a precise set of instructions below. You will also find out how you can make the amber LED lights on your Raptor Grille work. The following is how to install the Raptor Grille for a Chevrolet Colorado.

NOTE: If you’re having a hard time following the instructions below then you can get the grille fitted from an autobody shop.

How To Install the Raptor Grille for A Chevrolet Colorado

For this, all you need is a bolt remover (impact driver will do), a drill, and the Raptor Grille. Once you’ve received your Raptor Grille, you can get on with the steps below.

Remove The Current Grille

If you have a bar light below the grille, you’ll need to remove it. This is because the Raptor Grille needs to be bolted where the light is. Remove the 6 bolts above the current grille, then remove the 2 bolts below it. You need to loosen the bumper as well; removing it isn’t necessary, but it helps.

This means that you should loosen up the 3 bolts on each of its sides. There’s another set of bolts (2) in the middle of the bumper, below the grille; remove them as well. This should make your bumper loose enough so that you can pull the current grille out.

Now, you’ll need to unclip the current grille from the bumper. It is clipped in about 10 different places right on top of the bumper. You need to remove all of those clips to properly remove the bumper. It’s recommended that you remove the bumper if any of those clips gets stuck. Be sure not to break any.

Since you’ve probably removed the bumper, you should definitely clean any inaccessible areas of it. Now, it’s time to put on your new Raptor Grille.

Add The Raptor Grille

You need to unbox the grille first. Cut open the box and pull out the covered Raptor Grille. Pull it out of the covering material. Make sure you’re careful and that you don’t drop it or damage it. Ensure that it isn’t damaged beforehand.

Now, remember how you unclipped the original grille ten times? You’ll notice that the Raptor Grille also comes with 10 areas for clipping. So, you should attach all 10 of those Raptor Grille clips to the bumper. The clipping process should take place pretty easily.

You now have the new Raptor Grille attached to your Colorado’s bumper. You should now try to attach the bumper back to the vehicle. So, you’ll need to bolt back the bumper – 2 bolts in the middle, 3 on each side. Once the bumper is attached, you can bolt on the Raptor Grille as well.

For this, you just need to fasten the 2 bolts below the grille (where your bar light may have been) and then the 6 bolts on top of it. Push in the bumper and tighten everything. Drill the bits above where necessary. If you removed your bar light, you can reattach that as well.

How To Setup the Raptor Grille Led Lights on The Chevrolet Colorado?

You just can’t have the Raptor Grille without its signature LED lights. So, how do you set them up if you have the Raptor Grille on your Colorado? There are several different ways to do this; some are easier than others. You can follow the steps below (ensure the truck’s turned off).

Ground The Black Wire

Doing this is easy if you can spot a hole on the side of your Colorado. You need a screw and a washer to help attach the black wire to ground it. Put the wire’s end in the hole and then put the screw with the washer on it, then tighten it. This should ensure that the ground is good and it’s out of the way.

Drill A Hole in The Fusebox Cover

You can do this to pass the red wire through it. The hole should be big enough to accommodate the wire’s cross-section.

Make An Attachment to The Wire

You can get suitable attachments from any hardware or electrical store. Simply show the red wire to the store guy and tell them you need an attachment to connect this to the fuse box. Two number 10 attachments should do the trick.

Connect The Wire to The Fusebox

Now, all you need to do is connect the red wire to the Number 47 terminal of the fuse box.

Tuck Away the Wires

It’s recommended that you tuck away the wires using cable clips or some other method. This will keep the wires from harm and prevent any electrical hazards. It will also make your engine bay tidier.

Turn On the Lights

You can now turn on your truck and switch on the lights.

Benefits of The Raptor Style Grille

The Raptor Style Grille is one of the most popular aftermarket setups for trucks today. Hence it will be quite the addition to your Colorado. This is for a multitude of reasons, listed below:

  • It looks awesome
  • It improves performance
  • It’s tougher and lighter
  • It improves visibility

The build quality and the finishing of the grille are excellent as well. Overall, it will truly breathe new life into your Chevrolet Colorado.

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