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2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX. The Dodge Ram is arguably the best pickup truck today. It has been praised by critics and consumers alike. However, the new Ford F150 is here, and it looks to make a statement. It sports a new design and it looks to dethrone the Ram truck. But does it really? To find out, the following is a comparison of the sport truck variants of both of them. That means pitting the F150 Raptor against the Ram TRX.

The following is the comparison followed by the verdict:

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX: Engine Comparison

We begin with the engines, and both these models come with the best of their respective ranges. The Ford features a twin turbo 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine. This produces 450 horsepower and 510 lb-ft; connected to a 10-speed automatic-transmission.

Meanwhile the Ram 1500 TRX has a 6.2-liter V8 engine connected to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. This produces an insane 702 horsepower and 650 pounds of torque. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by these numbers if you need a workhorse.

The Ford truck can haul up to 8200 lbs and carry a payload of 1400 pounds. While the Ram TRX has a towing capacity of 8100 and a payload capacity of 1310. Both these figures are impressive, but they’re lesser than the Ford.

So, how do these trucks consume fuel then? Well, the Ram isn’t any good at being economical with its poor 10 mpg fuel rating. This is no surprise when you look at its specs mentioned above. In contrast, the Raptor does up to 15 miles per gallon, which isn’t impressive at all. Still, the latter wins this round.

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX: Comfort and Interior

So, how refined are these behemoths? Very, beginning with the Raptor; this truck has been built well. It also has a large cabin with lots of room for your heads and legs. The Raptor uses nice materials and you can upgrade it to have a sporty feel with carbon fiber and bucket seats. The ride is comfortable.

Of course, nothing beats the Ram trucks in this area. The TRX is built from even nicer materials and its design is more practical. You can pay extra to have it covered in even richer materials such as leather. The Ram is a lot quieter and the ride is definitely comfier.

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX: 4×4 and Offroading

Both the trucks fares pretty well here. Their engines and suspension are optimized for taking you anywhere on the trail. While the Raptor has coil springs for its suspension, the Ram TRX is still better equipped for off roading though. It comes with an underplate for protection and more power.

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX: Which is the fastest?

This one goes to the Ram TRX, as it can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds! This is faster than most modern sports car and it’s unsurprising when we look at its power. The Ram can go up to a speed of 110 miles per-hour.

Meanwhile the Raptor should be able to achieve the 60mph target in around 5 seconds. Its speedometer should indicate a top speed of 105mph. There is an upcoming Raptor R that should take these figures to the next level. It will surely give the Ram TRX a run for its money.

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX: Which has better technology?

This is where it gets a lot more interesting as both trucks have a lot to show. The Raptor comes with a 12-inch infotainment touchscreen and an option to upgrade to 18 speakers. It also has compatibilities for both Android and Apple users. Heated and cooled seating arrangements are also available.

The Raptor has a lot more standard than the TRX and more options. There’s a lot of drivers assist tech available on it, like automated emergency braking. It also has warnings for forward collisions, with available rear-cross traffic and blind-spot alerts.

In contrast, the Ram also offers ventilated seats like the Raptor. It doesn’t have many safety features as standard though. In fact, it features an analog cluster while the Raptor has a digital one. The Ram does offer an upgrade to 19 speakers though; one more than the Ford.

Exterior and Cargo

The exterior of any vehicle is mostly an art form and is hence subjective. However, the TRX’s design is less blocky than most pickup trucks; so, it must be commended more. Its Ford counterpart looks decent as well, but it is an outdated look. Still, both look more aggressive than the normal trucks.

The TRX beats the Raptor in the storage department. This is because of its larger truck bed, that’s 5-foot and 7 inches long. This is 2 inches more than the Raptor’s longest bed size. The Raptor is wider than the TRX though. Both the trucks are offered in crew cab versions as they’re built for high performances.

Price and Warranty

While all of the above is fine, the real difference maker are the prices of these two beasts. The Ram TRX starts getting priced at almost 71 thousand dollars. This can go up all the way to 100 thousand dollars when you add trims and options.

The Raptor itself isn’t cheap when you compare it to the other trucks in the market. However, it costs a lot less than what the Ram TRX does at its base price of 65 thousand dollars. There’s a lot of difference, plus more is offered as standard. But what is the coverage offered on these trucks?

Well, both the trucks come with a limited warranty of three years or 36k miles; whichever’s reached first. Then, the powertrain warranty offers coverage for five years or 60k miles. If you’re looking for more in this area, then any GM truck will offer a better package.

2021 F150 Raptor vs 2021 Dodge Ram TRX: Verdict

We’ve covered all of the areas that one can look for while buying a truck. It seems that the Ford F150 Raptor wins this one, but only slightly. Yes, the Ram 1500 TRX is quicker because of its badass engine and is better for offroading. It is also more comfortable to drive and to sit in.

However, it gets beaten by the Raptor in terms of technology and safety features. It may have more room for cargo, but its payload and towing capacities are slightly lower. The warranties for both these trucks are similar despite them being sworn rivals.

Combine the factors above and a price difference of thousands of dollars, and you’ll know whose boss. The Ram truck is a lot pricier and this can greatly influence buyers. The areas where it beats the Raptor will soon get overshadowed when the Raptor R arrives. Overall, both these trucks are excellent, but Ford must be praised for stepping up their game. The regular Ram 1500 is still ahead of the standard F150 though.

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